Hey! Jessica here 🙋! people closest to me call me "ica".
When I was 20, I decided to leave my beloved country the Philippines and moved to Dubai, UAE (my first overseas trip). I turned my life into a journey filled with uncertainty and grow up in unexpected ways which shake up my roots, certainties and fears. In this life I face new challenges and knew some part of this world that I didn't know existed. I evolved in so many things and embracing plenty of lessons in this journey. Grateful enough that my second home(Dubai), giving me great job opportunities, safe and clean environment. Now that I am currently living my dreams I guess it was the best decision that I made by that time.

Life became easier in terms of travelling across Asian, European, American and African countries.

I'd like you to meet Jimson, we've been in a long relationship since 2008 to present date. We traveled several times a year together, he's my official travel photographer. He hates me when there were times I obliged to check my company email while traveling, regardless of different timezone we are in. So yeah, we're continually making good memories! 😉

Having plans to quit your job to travel the world?

I wish I could, but definitely NOT! travel isn't cheap anyway though.

What type of traveler are you?

I consider myself as the Holiday Makers typically I try to get away at least twice a year depends with mutually agreed from working schedules.

Where have you been?

Mostly in Asia/Middle East. Planning on a Europe tripe before my thirty years of existence in this world 😊

A massive Thank You for droppng by!