When we had the idea to travel the world Jimson and I have had this kind of fearful feeling that we would never be financially able to travel the world unless we won a huge prize from lottery.

Right before arranging flight ticket overseas, first thing we do is to check how much the total estimated expenses per country for a certain days of stay by then we can start the so called “Savings” for travel. Ironically there were times that we couldn’t save as much as we wanted, pointing out our "Wants" in life is something hard to give up! 

Since we’re on for a super saving mission to fund our travels and a lot of adjustments must be done.
We stopped coffee dates though we love spending most of our free time in cafes and, Yup! Jimson and I don't mind if we get to pay 20dirhams(5usd) for just a cup of coffee. So we convinced ourselves to buy every month a one box of Nescafe 3in1 (comes with 24pcs of sachet) instant coffee for only 17dirhams.

We stoped buying food take-out instead we remind ourselves to don't be too lazy to make home cooked meal and tried to lessen more often to dine at fancy places instead of satisfying our cravings. We stopped going to movie theater instead we would just wait for a day/week or month and stream it.

Use Public Transportation since Dubai metro and bus transportation is very efficient so I guess no need to own a private vehicle. From our own experience getting a UAE driver license was extremely expensive I cannot put into words how much money we spent only to get driver license. Supposedly the payment for buying the car, petrol, parking, car insurance and maintenance. We could have saved a lot from that money!

We stopped buying new clothes there's nothing wrong with the old ones anyway! It could be more helpful if you're going to sell your old clothes and save for travels. Apparently, we segregated one box full of old clothes and we're planning to sell them all in due time.

We also stopped upgrading gadgets like cellphones, computers and cameras. Cut-off your mobile plan we started using wifi only and, as much as possible we don't want to recharge our cell phone at least once a month just to avoid to make any phone calls nor sms. Lessen buying magazines and books mostly we relied on the internet for new knowledge and ideas.

We should never spend too much money on things that we didn’t really need. We should start learning to travel smarter, learn how to save money on flights and spend less in expensive locations.

So guys, always keep in mind “planning leads to progress”!