One of the best part of travel is that I learn something about myself. From experiences, travel changed me in so many ways that I never have expected. They says that "the best life lessons can be learnt a few hundred miles away from your comfort zone." which is actually true! 

Here's my some of those self discovery;

Travelling pushes me out of my comfort zone 
Fear of unknown and being alone is most the challenging part to a place to explore, discovering cultures, trying to speak new languages, eat a new kind of food that you don't get to taste everyday. I learn to adapt new ways of dealing with different situations, I discover more about who am I and what I like. 

Makes me Social Skills
Meet local people and other travelers. Learn new "approach" ways to start talking to strangers. 

Travelling makes me confident
Navigating unknown territories, conquered fears especially when you're in restricted places. Shared table with strangers.

Makes me more Patient
I am not by nature a patient person, but there's a lot of waiting involved when traveling sometimes flight get delayed and long queue from the airport. We must practice patience when we are trying to communicate in a foreign country otherwise you won't get what you are after. 

Teaches me to Manage Finance better
I always consider budget airlines to save money on flights and search for basic and decent enough accommodation. Take the best route to see all major attractions by means of walking to spend less of transportation.

Living with less
Prioritize the basic needs and leave the rest behind. This teaches me that life can be lived a lot more simply.

Teaches me new perspective in life
seeing of how other cultures interacts made me think where I came from. Things that I took for granted put me into new perspective, which makes me more appreciate my roots. 

Travel teaches me to value more memories 
Life is such a wonderful gift as I travel I become overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciate beautiful moments or even the worst one. Remember there's no more throwbacks in life and, it is better to say "I'm glad I did" than "I wish I had". 



  1. I just want to say I enjoyed reading your posts. They are very clear and you provided great insight for each location without too much the pictures and route maps.