On my recent trip I got the chance to explore Jebel Jais the UAE's highest mountain located in Ras Al Khaimah. It took us two hours to see this fantastic driving roads view straight from Dubai. A curvy roads amidst the mountain range is a treat to drive.
I must say this is a perfect place for picnics during chilly days and an ideal place to watch the sunset. Yet there's nothing much to see from the top of this rocky mountain, but still looking forward to be back here once the weather is much more cooler and I also heard they're planning to build a massive holiday resort with cable cars, paragliding points, ski slope etc.,that people can enjoy this place specially during winter season. 

 Note: Toilets are available in limited areas. There are no shops/restaurants along the way so you have to bring plenty of food, water if you decide to stay longer.



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