I been dreaming to travel around the world when I started to watch discovery channel during my grades school. After I graduated from high school I even asked my mother, if I can enroll Management of Tourism and pursue to become a flight attendant which I believe that is the easiest way to fly and see from one country to another, but for some reasons I never got moms approval. However, I know I'm still on the right track because I had traveled nearly as much as I have now.

Thought it might be great also to share with you my twenty places to travel before my thirty’s. Hopefully, at least I can travel half of my lists though its really hard for me to save more money for the reason that I had to support my parents back home plus I still have my own expenses. But let's see soon if I can make it, who knows, right?
Angkor Wat undoubtedly the most unique religious architecture in the world and it is the best preserved temple in the 12th century, one of the top place to visit in Asia. Make sure that you guys must not to missed to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, otherwise you may ended up regretful same as I did during my trip. --Traveled last August 2016.  

2. India (@ctto)
Taj Mahal known as the jewel of Muslim art in  India and it was designated as a UNESCO world Heritage Site in 1983. I have been eyeing to see this next year and definitely this is one of my 2017 travel list.

3. China (@ctto)
One of the extraordinary sights in the world Great Wall of China, it was built on different area from different states or dynasties to defend territorial borders. 

4. Japan (@ctto)
There are no excuses and no one can stop me to go to see the Land of the Rising Sun. I’m such a big fan of this country from anime’s, food, natural scenery, historic towns, cityscapes, Castle, Shrines, Temples, almost everything! Surely I’ll visit this place soonest and I can’t wait for next year!

5. Myanmar (@ctto)
Mainly reason why I’d like to travel over Myanmar because of the Bagan Temple an archaeological zone with thousands of pagodas. Hoping someday I'll get the chance to walk freely around and interact with the locals.

6. Maldives (@ctto)
One of the world's leading honeymoon destinations this paradise is extremely beautiful yet expensive. I wanna urge Jimson to take me here before its too late, as there current predictions that sea level may rise and Maldives can disappear.

7. Morocco (@ctto)
Marrakech a combination of old and new Morocco, imagining the bustling souqs, spice markets and stunning mosques. In the future I'd like to spend my days wandering the huge maze of souks and ruins in the medina. 

8. Egypt (@ctto)
9. Israel (@ctto)
Egypt and Israel won't be out of my list to travel the world and how I wish I could travel here with my grandma, mom and dad. Growing up with a catholic faith I have such a nice feeling about this place, the context of the bible will come alive in immeasurable ways (well you know what I mean if you read both old and new testament). How could you afford to say NO not to see this historical place? I am very sure if anyone get the chance to tour the Holy land it could not only mean to enlighten your understanding of scriptures but also to touch your heart.

10. Turkey (@ctto)
Cappadocia very unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks. Hope to experience one of my magical mornings here.

11. Peru (@ctto)
Machu Picchu one of the great UNESCO World Heritage, traveling around the world wont complete without seeing this! Okay, I warned myself to save more because this can be a very expensive trips. 

12. Russia (@ctto)
One night I dreamed about this iconic St. Basil's Cathedral and as long as I remember.. I'm assuring my self that I wasn't dreaming LOL because I'm having a wonderful city tour around the most magnificent Moscow landmarks including the red square. HAHAHA

13. France (@ctto)
How can you not love to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris? It happens to be one of my favorite country I won't settle with just seeing eiffel tower from the distance. I'd like to explore it closely as much as possible whenever I get the chance.

14. Italy (@ctto)
Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Capri, Sorrento, Positano.. ahh! name it Itay is absolutely beautiful. I can spend my one month yearly vacay here!!

15.Prague (@ctto)
The gothic Charles Bridge and Church of St. Nicholas, for me I think this is one of the most beautiful place in Europe

16. Austria (@ctto)
Hallstatt probably the most picturesque village, houses reflects the glassy water of the lake and towering mountains on all sides. 
17. Greece (@ctto)
Santorini this drop dead gorgeous place is on my bucket list, as I would like to experience and enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree view of Aegean Sea.

18. Iceland (@ctto)
Northern lights definitely I'll be satisfy with my travels if I get the chance to witness the heavenly made stunning lights.

19. Kenya (@ctto)
Wildlife safari is something about life changing experience that I must not to missed.

20. United Kingdom (@ctto)
London is a real world city, --wait if your talking with Royalty, famous buildings, museums, galleries, fancy places? Nah! you got it here. 

That's it! Nineteen countries is a long way down and I promise to update this blog as soon as I visit each places. I'd like to hear from you also, whats your top twenty countries to visit before your 30s?